Freedom Moguls Founder - Justin Wilmot
Justin Wilmot loves to surf so he created a way through real estate investing to make a living... AND spend as much time surfing and having fun with family & friends as possible.

After working in the restaurant business, he knew he wanted a better future so he started investing in real estate.

However, he ended up wasting too much time with daily tasks such as marketing, negotiating and babysitting contractors and created his own system for wholesaling houses.

Today, he is a successful real estate investor who loves to share what he's learned with others. He coaches and teaches people how to spend less time working in real estate investing using his techniques and strategies. Because he has automated a lot of the investment process, he can now spend more time surfing and doing what he loves to do, while making a good income.

Justin is a real estate investor first, and a real estate educator second. He thoroughly enjoys helping aspiring investors get in the game and create successful investment companies that forever change the direction of their lives.

Flipping a house and making some money is one thing… but teaching others how to do the same and change their life forever is another rush all in its own.